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Everyone and anyone else is on WhatsApp. This includes you, your family, your partner, your children, your neighbors, and possibly everyone else you recognize.

Therefore, to grasp someone’s darkest secrets, you only need to take a glance at their WhatsApp messages. Here’s what I’ll teach you today.

If you were always wondering “how to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone?”, This guide is going to be perfect for you.

The main takeaways from this tutorial would be:

  • Read someone’s WhatsApp messages
  • 100% hidden when reading someone’s WhatsApp messages
  • Read someone’s private messages without even touching their phone completely!

Hence, if any of those are of interest to you, you must keep reading this guide. don’t fret, that’s not one in all the myriad ways on the net that promise you one thing but at the top of the tutorial they do not even discuss the thing in question.

I’ll be right with each of the items I’ve mentioned, and you may go away knowing all there’s to grasp during this guide.

Part 1: How to Spy on Whatsapp Messages Without Target Phone

When I started searching for the simplest way to trace someone’s private WhatsApp messages, I ended up trying to find half the complete Internet.

For the foremost part, I want an ideal WhatsApp message spy that doesn’t exist. There are apps that are alleged to work, but not. Then there are apps that basically work, but aren’t really hidden.

Finally, I’ve found an answer that meets each of my needs. It goes from here:

1.1 Copy9 – Way to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

Copy9 could be a phone monitoring application commonly employed by people to read someone’s WhatsApp messages. In fact, I would not make an exaggeration to mention that Copy9 is the most well-liked WhatsApp spy app out there, thanks to its GREAT features.

Copy9 offers WhatsApp spying solutions for both- Android phones and iPhones. the planning of every one of those solutions is different and specific to that.

This is different from most other WhatsApp message readers, which launch one software and it’ll not be compatible with most existing phones.

Although this is often one in every one of the tiny reasons people love Copy9, there are many other important things that make Copy9 the most effective. I will be able to tell you about the subsequent reasons:

Why Use Copy9 to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

As I discussed earlier, Copy9 is the preferred choice when reading WhatsApp messages on a phone without having a phone. Here are some reasons for the identical thing:

Secret WhatsApp Spy:

When you are reading someone’s WhatsApp messages using Copy9, the opposite user will NEVER realize it. This can be thanks to Copy9 stealth mode, which is compatible with both Android phones and different iPhones.

No App Installation on Your End:

To read someone’s private WhatsApp messages, you will not have to install any apps on your phone or computer if you’re using Copy9. This {can be} because Copy9 can be operated from any applications program through its personalized dashboard.

I’ll allow you to know within the section how you’ll be able to get your own personalized dashboard by creating a Copy9 account.

No Root or Jailbreak Needed:

You won’t have to root or jailbreak the target phone to read its WhatsApp messages. This can be unlike most other WhatsApp spy apps and this is often likely to happen because of the following generation technology employed by Copy9. So Copy9 may be a great relief there.

Data Security:

If you’re reading someone’s private messages you care about, you obviously don’t need others to work out for them but you. Hence, data privacy becomes a serious concern when reading private WhatsApp messages.

This is why Copy9 uses the simplest security measures within the world. All data is private and encrypted. In fact, none of your personal data is stored on Copy9 own servers. Even Copy9 team can’t see private messages if they require to.

There are many other reasons for you to use Copy9. If I started listing all of them, it might delay the guide and important information. Therefore, how about you directly try out the free Copy9 live demo and see why Copy9 is the best WhatsApp spy there ever has been.

Part 2: How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

Well, the Android phone’s WhatsApp message tracking process works very differently from the iPhone. Don’t be concerned, it still happens without people knowing that you just are reading their WhatsApp messages.

Hence, let’s dive into it:

2.1 Reading WhatsApp Messages of Android Phone ‘Secretly’

When it involves reading the WhatsApp messages of somebody who is using an Android device, it’s compulsory to put in the WhatsApp spy app on the target phone. This is often thanks to the special design of Android phones.

However, although you would like to put in its app, Copy9 Android solution makes sure that the opposite user still has no idea about it. This is often done by incorporating special stealth features in its Android app.

First, the size of Copy9 apk for Android is just some MB. This implies the appliance installation process is lightning fast.

Once the app is installed, the app icon will disappear from the app’s menu on their phone. Hence, the user will never notice that they need any suspicious apps on their phones.

Not only that, to form things more secretive, Copy9 will only run within the background on their phones. No notifications and no even battery consumption.

** Reading WhatsApp messages on an Android phone requires the app to be installed on the target phone. If any apps claim to try to do otherwise, they’re just trying to cheat you and steal it slowly, money, or personal data. **

Now, let’s see the steps you wish to require if you wish to read the private messages of somebody using an Android device:

The best part is that you just only have to access their phone once, which is additionally in seconds. whether or not you would like to uninstall the Copy9 app from your phone within the future, you’ll be able to hump remotely through the Copy9 dashboard, from any web browser!

2.2 How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages on Android

To read someone’s WhatsApp messages on an Android phone, you just need to follow three easy steps:

Step 1: On your phone or computer’s web browser, register for a Copy9 account, and receive a subscription package for an Android phone. You will be taken to the Copy9 setup wizard.

Step 2: Download and install the Copy9 app on the target phone from the link that may be mentioned within the setup wizard. As I explained earlier, this app is completely hidden.

Step 3: Once Step 2 is completed and Copy9 has verified and synced the information, you may see the ‘Start’ button. you’ll click on that because the setup process is complete now. you may be taken to your dashboard.

You can use all the features of Copy9 from this dashboard. Every feature incorporates a dedicated tab on the left side. You’ll be able to find the ‘WhatsApp Spy’ module within the ‘Social Media Apps’ tab.

Part 3: How to Hack Into Someone’s WhatsApp and Read Their Messages

Copy9 has their dedicated WhatsApp spy module which will provide you with the sent and received WhatsApp messages of an individual. Not only that, but they also show you details about the person they’re interacting with.

However, what you may not have noticed is another awesome thing they need that may show you the WhatsApp messages of someone so far more.

This feature is named the keylogger, which is present in both Copy9 and Cocospy. In essence, the keylogger shows you EVERYTHING that the user has typed on their phone.

This includes all the WhatsApp messages they need to be imported, including those they deleted (or never sent). You cannot even find much of this information if you’ve got the WhatsApp web open on your phone.

Wrapping Up

There are often some ways to trace someone’s WhatsApp messages. However, not all sources on the net are helpful to you in this regard. There are useful apps out there, and so there’s the bulk of them that are pure scams.

So rather than being too risky, my advice for you is to stay to a reliable method just like the ones I’ve got mentioned here.

The rest of the selection lies with you, and that I hope that you just make a secure decision for yourself and who sends the message you wish to read.

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