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The Age of Social Media

Since its creation in 2004 as a means of connecting college kids studying at ivy league schools, Facebook has grown into a tech behemoth, with over 2-billion active monthly users – that’s over a quarter of the world’s population!

It took some time for Facebook to catch on with the general public, but when Mark Zuckerberg changed the business model of the platform into a public-facing network, global growth started to surge.

What Happens When You Lose Your Password?

When you sign up for a Facebook account, the system prompts you to enter a password to protect your account from hackers. Password protection is an essential part of online security, and it’s a vital step in signing up for the platform.

However, what happens when you lose your Facebook password and fail to set up a phone number or email account for recovery purposes?

Maybe someone stole your laptop or mobile device – or you download a virus that crashes your machine. Whatever the reason for the permanent loss of your password, it doesn’t change the fact that you’ve locked yourself out of your Facebook account.

DISCLAIMER – How to Hack Your Facebook Account

This tutorial teaches you what you need to know to break into any Facebook account, from any location in the world. However, the purpose of this guide is not to help you hack into other people’s social media accounts.

While this tutorial discusses methods you can use to hack an account, it does not talk about how to hide your identity online. If you break into another user’s account, the Facebook team can track your location, identifying you as the hacker.

1. Using Keylogger to Hack Facebook Password

Keyloggers track the keystrokes a target presses on their keyboard and analyze the data it collects to crack the password. Below are some of the most popular ones nowadays.

Note: Since today users mostly browse social networks and the internet generally from smartphones than desktop computers, we highly recommend going with a mobile keylogger.

Keyloggers for Windows & Mac OS

ISAM Keylogger

Offers a premium keylogging tool that runs covertly on a computer, collecting data from users. ISAM records keystrokes, as well as allowing you to view to device from any location remotely. Take screenshots, monitor your employees or children, all with them being completely unaware of your activities. Our favorite feature of ISAM is the unique hot-key combination required to open the program – without it, no one can access the data collected by ISAM.

Elite Keylogger

Used for monitoring multiple users at the same time, Elite Keylogger offers incredible functionality combined with a user-friendly interface to allow you to keep all of your data within easy reach. The program also features covert operation and security features that enable you to monitor other users and their behavior.

Actual Keylogger

This program monitors all of the activity on the target device or computer. If you own a PC that’s open for use in the office, or your staff has their own PCs or laptops, you can covertly install the software on their machine, and receive detailed reports about their user activity.

Track programs, websites they visit, and take screenshots, and copy the content to the clipboard. The software also collects data on all keystrokes as well.

Keyloggers for Mobile Phone Devices

If you need a keylogger for a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system, we recommend you give these three options a try.



Copy9 is the most used mobile monitoring & tracking tool nowadays. It’s full of useful features which attract users to choose Copy9 amongst other tools of this kind.

The most used features which Copy9 provides are the following:

  • Monitoring Messaging Apps chat logs fully undetected (Facebook Messenger / WhatsApp / SMS / Viber / Instagram / others
  • Cell Phone Location Tracking
  • Monitoring Calls Conversations (Outgoing and Incoming)
  • Supported for both Android & iOS devices

Get Copy9 App by clicking the button below.


Spyera allows you to monitor any Android or iOS device remotely. This award-winning software lets you keep tabs on your kids, spouse, and employee, without them being aware of your spying. Track your kid’s movements and keep an eye on your business assets, all from your mobile device. With free updates and remote upgrades, Spyera also offers a 10-day money-back guarantee.


This software is the top choice for parents concerned about their kid’s whereabouts and activities. Freespyapps allows you to see which apps they’re using, whom they’re communicating with, and view their phone’s photo gallery. Monitor their location and travel history, as well as read their text messages to friends.


The TruthSpy is one more keylogging software. This package allows the user to keep an eye on employees’ and kids’ whereabouts using a GPS tracker to protect your children and business assets. The SMS spy will enable you to read incoming and outgoing texts, while the Spycall gives you their phone records. Monitor calls and record conversations, as well as any WhatsApp communications.

2. Social Engineering Skills to Hack a Facebook Account

Social engineering is a smart way of “conning” people into giving you access to their Facebook log in data. There are various creative methods to this approach, with the following being the most popular strategies.

Posing as a Technician – Call into the target posing as a Facebook technician, and ask the mark for their login details so you can check on their account. You’ll be surprised at how many people willingly hand over their data if they think some authoritarian figure is on the phone with them.

Borrowing Peoples Phones – Ask to borrow the target’s phone, you can get the login information in seconds with this strategy.

Opening a Troll Account – Open a fake account, spend a few dollars on getting friends, then send a friend request to the target. Confide in them and watch them do the same to you. The mark may give you access to their personal information, allowing you to figure out their password.

3. Guess the Password and Hack into Account

Before you decide to enter a rendition of your birthday as Facebook password hacker software, stop and read this section. Surprisingly, despite the warnings from online security firms about the dangers of using general passwords, such as your birthday or your pet’s name, people still choose to use these types of passwords.

If you’re trying to crack the account, try entering the person’s personal information for the password, you might be shocked by the results. Recent research shows that more than 70-percent of all Facebook users use one of these top 10 common passwords.

  1. 123456
  2. Password
  3. 12345678
  4. qwerty
  5. 12345
  6. 123456789
  7. letmein
  8. 1234567
  9. football
  10. iloveyou

If you recognize any of these entries, make sure you change your password right now.

4. Hack an Account Using the “Remote Access Trojan” Tool (RAT)

Also known as “crapware,” this type of malware infects an operating system after the user inadvertently downloads files or visits a link containing a Trojan virus. The hacker waits for the user to open the files or click the link, and activate the malware – giving them remote control of their system from any location connected to the internet.

The victim is unaware of the hacker’s presence or the installation of the RAT. Best free Facebook hackerattacker has full access to all the files on your device or computer, and they can open browser windows, login to Facebook, and steal your passwords – along with all your other passwords, (think internet banking.) Here are a few of the most popular applications available for remote hacking attacks.


Free for download and easy to use, PoisonIvy is a top choice for threat actors due to its extensive features and ability to control a compromised computer. Attackers can design malware in seconds and use it to infect a computer.


Back in 2016, the creator of this Trojan malware received 5-years of probation and a $40,000 fine for his role in creating this software. Blackshades allows hackers to remotely access a victim’s computer, recording keystrokes, stealing passwords, and personal files.


After being shut down in 2012, DarkComet RAT is now only available on select sites floating around the internet. Hackers should avoid using this tool as downloads often come with malware attached.

5. The “Man in the Middle Attack” Method

These types of MITM, (Man in the Middle,) attacks typically occur over a LAN network, such as at a coffee shop or internet café where many users share the same connection. The hackers take over the switch routing table, and the victim thinks that the hacker is the webserver.

This strategy allows the hacker to remotely access the victim’s computer because the system recognizes the connection as a secure line between itself and the webserver. In reality, the hacker is sorting through your files, looking for your passwords, and stealing your personal information.

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