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Despite the fact that social networking apps and instant messengers have grown in popularity in recent years, many individuals still use email. For example, in the United States, Internet users (those who send at least one email every month) number over 246 million people.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are the world’s three largest email services. Microsoft Outlook has over 400 million active users globally. Yahoo, which was purchased by Verizon, has over 225 million subscribers.

Google’s Gmail is the most popular email service. It has approximately 1 billion active users each month around the world. So it’s not surprising if someone close to you also has a Gmail account. That is why you may be wondering, “How to hack into someone’s Gmail account without their knowing?

Why intercept another person’s emails?

When someone asks how to steal someone’s email password, most people immediately think of cybercrime. However, there may be other reasons to do so.

For example, if you feel a loved one is in distress, you should examine their email. When they are in a risky situation, people are often scared to confess the truth. That is why reading their email might be an escape.

Another significant advantage of email reading is that it saves time. You can protect your own account against scammers if you know how to hack into someone’s email without their password.

How to Read Someone Else’s Emails Without Their Knowledge

As stated earlier in this post, you may need to view someone’s email for a variety of reasons. You can accomplish it in a variety of ways.

This post will go over safe and legal techniques to monitor other people’s email. You’ll also learn how scammers might hack your email account and steal vital info from it.

1. Phishing to Infiltrate Someone’s Email

Phishing typically employs sophisticated email hacking tactics to obtain the information they require from their victims. One of the most common ways is phishing.

The essence of phishing is the impersonation of specific online pages, such as your Gmail or Yahoo login screen. When you try to access your email account, hackers steal your login credentials and use them to steal the data in your inbox.

Another method of gaining access to your account is to send you emails that look like they came from Google or Microsoft. Such letters, however, contain faulty links that lead to bogus login pages. Phishing can easily steal your credentials if you simply type them in.

It should be noted that phishing is a criminal offense in the majority of jurisdictions. We do not recommend that you use it. If you need to read someone’s email right away, consider employing a keylogger or parental control tool.

2. Using a Keylogger to Determine Someone’s Email Password

Consider using a keylogger to learn how to find someone’s email password. A keylogger, unlike a regular email password cracker, can record all keyboard strokes on a target person’s device.

Keylogging is frequently used by parents to monitor their children’s online behavior. The software intercepts harmful words (such as drugs, sex, alcohol, and so on) that young people use in texting or browser searches. In this way, parents can keep their tweens and adolescents from doing things they will regret later.

A keylogger does not require any specific expertise to use. All that is required is that the program be installed on the target device. However, before you do so, choose a reputable software vendor and avoid using free keyloggers.

3. How to Use a Monitoring App to Read Another Person’s Emails

Consider employing a lawful surveillance program if you need to view another person’s emails urgently. Prenatal control programs, such as Copy9, might be useful if you need to access another person’s email or text messages right away.

When you install Copy9 on a target person’s device, you gain immediate access to their entire Internet activities. Here’s a rundown of the app’s capabilities:

  • Viewing sent and received emails through the default mail app, Gmail, Outlook, and other providers;
  • Examining the date and time stamps on each email;
  • Observing a recipient’s or sender’s mane;
  • Reading other text messages, such as SMS;
  • Surveillance of social media activity;
  • Playing multimedia files;
  • GPS position tracking;
  • Keylogger;
  • Screen recording from a distance.

Here’s how to use Copy9 to spy on someone’s emails:

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Purchase a membership that meets your requirements.
  3. Look in your email for installation instructions. Make certain to adhere to them precisely.
  4. Download and install Copy9 on the target device. Please keep in mind that you may need to root/jailbreak it.
  5. Access your user dashboard and connect the target device to your Copy9 account.
  6. Select Emails to Read.

Is it illegal to access another person’s email account without their permission?

It’s completely natural to be concerned about the legitimacy of your activities if you’re going to hack into someone’s email. You cannot monitor an adult person’s phone or computer without their agreement, according to the law.

You must notify the target individual that you want to install a monitoring app or a keylogger on their phone. Otherwise, your acts may be construed as a breach of privacy.

The good news is that you are legally permitted to monitor your minor child’s phone.

Choose a Legal Method to Read Another Person’s Emails.

When people are in difficulties, they can make poor decisions. Reading someone’s email might be one of the negative solutions if done incorrectly. Whatever your needs are, make sure you don’t infringe on anyone’s privacy.

We recognize that installing a parental control program takes longer than intercepting someone’s login credentials. However, employing the Copy9 surveillance program can provide you with what you want while not invading another person’s privacy.

Furthermore, Copy9 provides a wide range of monitoring options. You can monitor someone else’s smartphone behavior at any time with its assistance. Because Copy9 saves captured data in your Control Panel, you can view it whenever you want as long as your membership is active.

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