Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Are you lately having suspicions that your boyfriend might not be as loyal as you imagined him to be? Well, I hate to tell you that you might be right.

In fact, if we go by numbers, around 37% of men in relationships cheat on their girlfriends. This number is both surprising and a little scary, especially since you already doubt that your boyfriend might be included in the cheating segment.

However, there might be some good news I have for you. With the things that I am going to tell you today, you will be able to read the private messages of your boyfriend secretly. This will let you know for sure if your boyfriend is actually cheating on you or not.

Part 1: How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

Spying on your boyfriend’s phone isn’t easy if you are going by random methods suggested on the internet. This is because half of the methods and apps that you find in the search results never really work out well for you.

Therefore, you need a detailed plan- a step by step guide on how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it. You also need to be assured about data safety and your privacy.

Based on these parameters, I searched across the internet and found an app that fits each of these requirements perfectly:

1.1 Copy9 – The Girlfriend Superhero for Your Rescue

Most cheating boyfriends get away with the act because their girlfriends are never able to catch them for certain. However, now that you are going to learn about Copy9, you are not going to be one of those girlfriends anymore.

Copy9 is a phone monitoring service that is available for Android phones as well as iPhones. With Copy9, you can get eyes on every bit of data that your boyfriend is hiding on their phone. This includes his messages, locations, call list, and so much more.

Copy9 is created especially for people like you. Its features are designed to give you stealthy access to all of your boyfriend’s secrets. Since he never knows about it, there are no excuses that he can make anymore.

How Copy9 Boyfriend Spy Benefits You?

Reading your boyfriend’s text messages is the basic thing when it comes to Copy9. There are a lot of other benefits too that you get with it. These include:

Secret Message Spying:

Copy9 is specially designed keeping secrecy in mind. No matter whether your boyfriend is using an iPhone or an Android phone, Copy9 will give you every bit of his data without him finding out about it ever.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking Needed:

Most message spying apps will ask you to root or jailbreak your boyfriend’s phone in order to work. Copy9 is different in this regard as it can work without needing to root or jailbreak your boyfriend’s phone.

Web App:

When you are using Copy9, you won’t need to install any app on your phone or computer to use its features. Well then how will Copy9 work?

That is simple- Copy9 offers you a personalized dashboard which you can access through any web browser that you use. This is similar to using your Facebook account online. All of Copy9 features are available on this dashboard.

Data Security:

No matter whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not, I am sure that data privacy is a big concern for you (and it should be). You wouldn’t want your private data to be leaked online, which is another reason to use Copy9.

Copy9 does not store any of your private data on its servers. Therefore, your boyfriend’s messages are only visible to you. Even Copy9 own team cannot view that. All the more reason to use Copy9, right?

There are many other things to love about Copy9 besides the things that I just mentioned. A thing that will surprise you is that you can check out Copy9 action through its web demo, without making an account or installing any app.

Part 2: How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without Him Knowing

If your boyfriend is using an Android phone, reading his text messages is just as easy, although with a different process.

This is because all Android phones require you to download and install the spying app on the phone itself. This might make you think that since you are installing a spy app on your boyfriend’s phone, he will know what you are up to.

However, that is not true. Even though you still have to install Copy9 Android app on the target phone, it is still a secret. This is how it happens:

Reading Messages of Your Boyfriend’s Android Phone ‘Secretly’

When it comes to reading your boyfriend’s Android phone messages, Copy9 does an ingenious job. This is because Copy9 Android solution gives you each and every bit of their data while being completely hidden.

This is by designing its Android app to be less than 3 MB. This means that the app installs within a matter of seconds. Further, once the app is installed, the app icon vanishes completely from the app menu of the phone.

The app runs in the background only without giving any notifications. It does not consume any battery as well. Therefore, your boyfriend will never suspect that you are spying on him.

The best part is that after the first time access for a few seconds, you never need to touch his phone ever again. Even if you want to uninstall the Copy9 app later in the future, you can do it with a single click from your Copy9 dashboard, from any web browser that you use.

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