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Are you looking for a free service to find out the location of a phone? But you haven’t gotten the best results? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. As a result, this useful piece of knowledge will introduce you to five simple ways to monitor a cell phone’s position for free. As a result, you may now easily monitor your child’s, friend’s, or boyfriend’s phone.

Method 1: Track Mobile Location by Phone Number for Free

We’ve compiled a list of free methods for tracking your phone’s location. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

Facebook lookup

Are you a regular on Facebook? If that’s the case, why not utilize it as a phone location tracker? It is the most convenient and simplest approach to look for the chosen person’s most recent recorded location directly from your account. Simply sign in to your account and enter the target person’s phone number into the Facebook search box.

Whitepages lookup

It’s a popular website for tracking mobile locations using numbers or other methods. All you have to do is enter the location, phone number, or name of the person you’re looking for, and the appropriate results will be displayed. You can use this website tracker to track the phone’s position in this manner.

Method 2: Track iPhone Location for Free Using Locate My iPhone

If you’ve previously enabled Find My iPhone, you can use it to track the location of your iPhone. To track the position of your iPhone for free, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Navigate to using your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Sign in using your iCloud credentials.

Step 3: From the main menu, select ‘Find iPhone.’

Step 4. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password before signing in.

Step 5: From the top of the screen, select ‘All Devices’ to track the phone’s location.

Method 3: Use Android Device Manager to Track Android Phone Location for Free

You can also use Android Device Manager to locate your misplaced device. The instructions below will show you how to use ADM to track a cell phone’s position.

Step 1: Enable the Android Device Manager Service on your Android phone by navigating to Settings> Security> Android Device Manager and checking the box.

Step 2: Open a web browser and navigate to

Step 3: After a while, the linked phone will appear on the screen and include the location in Google maps, allowing you to track a cell phone location for free.

Method 4. Track Samsung Phone Location for Free Using Samsung’s Find My Mobile

Using Find My Mobile, you can track the phone’s location. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your browser and navigate to the Find My Mobile page.

Step 2: Sign in with your Samsung credentials and choose the ‘I’m not a robot checkbox.

Step 3: A page with the listed Samsung devices will appear.

Step 4 is as simple as clicking ‘Locate my Device.’

Step 5: After a few moments, you will be able to monitor the location using Find My Mobile.

Method 5: Use Mobile Location Tracker to Track a Cell Phone’s Location for Free

In a matter of seconds, a mobile number tracker can assist you in determining the precise position of a phone. The following are three mobile location trackers that you may use to track your phone.

1. Spyera’s (Recommended)

Spyera is a free phone location tracker that allows users to keep track of the locations, GPS, and other critical data elements present in the device being monitored. It is also great for quickly locating the location of my phone. And there’s more. You may also use this tool to lawfully track the location of your employees.

Key Characteristics:

  • Display the Android phone’s coordinates.
  • Location links the map within your web account and displays a path of travel between specific time periods.
  • Paths can be exported for use in other apps, such as Google Maps.
  • Link to Download:

2. Mobile Location Tracker in Real-Time

Live Mobile Location Tracker is a steadfast monitoring launcher cum software that is purely developed for those who desire to track present locations as well as mobile caller location such as caller State.

Key Characteristics:

Track your current location on a map.

find the Live Mobile Address on a Map

Track the location of the caller’s mobile number, such as the state.

Link to Download:

3: Free Mobile Tracker

This monitoring program tracks the position of a cell phone for free. With Mobile Tracker, you can not only follow the phone’s position, but also obtain minute information of important data files such as Messages, call records, or insight into social handles, among other things. Users can also remotely snap images of the monitored gadget using a mobile tracker.

Key Characteristics:

People can be tracked in real-time.

Allows the user to track incoming and outgoing calls remotely.

Examine the images on the monitoring device.

Link to Download:


After reaching this point in the discussion, we believe you can now track phone position in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, if your friends or family members feel the need to track their spouse’s or children’s cellphones in an emergency, you may assist them by sharing this page and instructing them on how to apply the procedure. We hope you like this post and would appreciate it if you could share your experience with us. Thanks!

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