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With so many things going on in the world in terms of technology, hacking a phone is now a problem. The ability to hack a phone midnight raid with just numbers is no longer protected by government agencies.

Although government agencies have a way to hack phones with just numbers, there are still many easier ways for the public. For example, some companies develop applications for phone monitoring.


The phone surveillance apps provide the easiest way to hack a phone with just a number. While there are many phone hacking apps out there, only a few offer remarkable phone hacking capabilities.

In this article, we outlined some of the 3 simple ways for you to hack your phone with numbers only during a midnight raid.

Part 1: Copy9 – The safest way to hack a phone

As one of the foremost reliable and secure phone hacking apps, Copy9 offers plenty of phone hacking features. It offers over 35 phone hacking features.

Not only can the app hack phones with only 1 sign, but it may hack without installation. This is often very true for devices running on iOS just like the iPhone.

The application allows hacking phones running on popular platforms, iOS, and Android. Hacking these platforms takes different approaches to create it easy for users.


This is a revolutionary phone hacking application that may hack the majority of areas of the target device. Are you contemplating hacking a signal with only one number? Then Copy9 is the safest thanks to hacking your target.

1.1 Characteristics that make Copy9 the #1 hacking app

Copy9 is popular because it provides users with a lot of conveniences when hacking their goals. Some of the features that make this phone hacking app stand out are outlined below.

  • Remote hacking ability

This phone hacking app allows you to hack your target phone remotely. this can be possible through any application. Copy9 allows you to log in to your dashboard to hack the target

You only need internet access to hack your target phone. Using an application program to attack your target eliminates the requirement to download any special applications.

  • 100% undetectable

All Copy9 hacking activities are in stealth mode. The app works within the background to make sure the target never suspects that their phone has been hacked.

The application uses only a few system resources to make sure it doesn’t affect the target’s phone performance. For instance, the Android application is 2MB using little or no phone memory.

On iOS, no installation is required. You simply must provide the target’s iCloud credentials. This makes it even harder for the target to suspect that they need been attacked.

  • No rooting or jailbreaking required

Copy9 uses the most recent technology to form sure the user doesn’t root the target Android device or jailbreak iOS. Its Android app has reached a milestone that only a few spy apps can boast.

Thanks to the dedicated developers and engineers at Spyic, users haven’t got to be technically inclined to put in apps. Furthermore, rooting or jailbreaking the target device will affect its security.

This makes your target susceptible to attack by hackers and viruses. Fortunately, Copy9 doesn’t interfere with the protection of the target smartphone.

  • SIM Card hacking

Can hack your target’s SIM card details. It gives you access to SIM Card details like IMEI, sign, and even location details.

This app also allows you to hack all incoming and outgoing text messages. Also, Copy9 can hack incoming and outgoing calls. Furthermore, Copy9 will notify you whenever the SIM card swaps the article.

  • Equipped with powerful features

Copy9 cannot only find the placement of the movable but can also access all chats. As an example, it can access most social networking platforms, recording passwords and usernames.

A user-friendly interface allows you to trace almost every action on the target device. So nothing happening on the target device goes unnoticed. This application has over 35 capabilities to hack phones.

Using Copy9 to hack a phone with the number

To hack a phone with just a phone number, you need to take a few steps.

Step 1: Visit Copy9 official website and register for an account. During this process, subscribe to a package that’s right for you.

Step 2: After setting up your account, it’s time to configure the target device.

For iPhones, provide the target iCloud login and verification. Select the device you want to track that is associated with the iCloud account.

For Android phones, you need physical access to the target device to install the Copy9 app. As pointed out, the application is 2 MB. Installing the application only takes 5 minutes.

Step 3: After setting up the device, click ‘Start’ to start hacking the target device.

Step 4: Log in to your Copy9 dashboard to hack the phone and track the cell phone number. On the left panel, scroll to the bottom and click on the SIM Card tab to hack a phone with the mobile number.

Here, you may have access to the target’s SIM Card details including carrier and IMEI number. Besides, you may view the present also as past locations of the transportable on an interactive map.

Part 2: Glympse

Glympse is one of the simplest mobile hacking apps. It offers a good range of hacking capabilities. Besides hacking telephone numbers, it allows users to trace social media activities on the target phone.

The app has basic and premium versions. The essential version lacks most of the simplest features. However, what’s annoying is that even the premium version requires rooting of the target’s phone.

Part 3: Freespyapp

Freespyapp  is another phone hacking app that provides great possibilities. This app is provided with dozens of monitoring features. Freespyapp function is comparable to JSPY.

It doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

This app also supports devices running on iOS and Android. Besides, the app contains an excellent customer approval rating, per Copy9. What’s more, the app is trusted by innumerable users around the world.

Like Copy9, Freespyapp could be a web-based mobile number hacking app that enables you to hack phone numbers remotely. To do this, simply log into your Freespyapp dashboard.


If you’re searching for a straightforward thanks to hacking your phone with a midnight raid number, you want a phone-hacking app. The most effective simple phone hacking apps allow the user to hack every area of the target device.

In this article, we’ve determined that Copy9 is the most fitting application for hacking your target’s sign. The app can hack the SIM Card on the target device to present you access to everything you wish.

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